Secure your dream property for the best possible price.

My Property Negotiator provides you with an experienced and independent professional negotiator to help you get the best price on your next property purchase.


My Property Negotiator is a product of BuySide, with BuySide being the licensed entity.

While we will do our best to get you the desired outcome you’re after, please keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future performance. Any financial or investment advice provided by the our agents, officers, employees, advisors and related parties is of a general nature only and we do not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, or financial situation. Please consult your own independent financial and/or investment advisor.

Any introductions we make to advisors or other professionals in the ordinary course of business is just that. It is your decision and responsibility to engage the services of these parties independently from our recommendation should you so wish. These parties are in no way related to us financially or otherwise unless disclosed. Any services and/or fees negotiated between yourself and these parties is between you, and at no time is BuySide a party to these services and/or negotiations.



100 Harris St.

Pyrmont NSW 2009


401 Collins St.

Melbourne VIC 3000


140 Creek St. 

Brisbane QLD 4000


217-219 Flinders St.

Adelaide SA 5000


191 Saint Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

My Property Negotiator is a product of BuySide, an independent buyer's agency specialising in the purchase of residential property in Australia on behalf of property buyers.

You can read more about BuySide Buyers Agency here.

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