Secure your dream property for the best possible price.

My Property Negotiator provides you with an experienced and independent professional negotiator to help you get the best price on your next property purchase.

Each and every day, trained real estate agents – professionals who negotiate for a living - go head-to-head with novice property buyers, many who have only bought two or three times in their life.

It’s an unfair advantage that costs buyers millions each year.

My Property Negotiator aims to change that.

With hundreds of successful negotiations under our belt, we give you an experienced and independent professional on your side.

You find the property, and we take care of the rest. Our aim is to get you the best result for the best possible price.

Who is this for?

  First Home Buyers   who are new to the process

  Frustrated home owners   tired of missing out on their dream property

      Savvy investors        trying to get the best return possible

"Josh did the groundwork, due diligence and most importantly saved us at least $40,000 with his negotiating skills."            Tom W.


We Consistently get great deals across the line.

By refining our methods over hundreds of successful purchases, we bring you an essential service that delivers results every time. Here’s what you get…


We give you access to exclusive market data and an analysis of property prices in the area. Get an independent view on what we think the property is worth so that you can avoid overpaying.


We review your property selection, as well as any building, pest and strata reports to highlight any hidden "red flags" that could put you at risk.


We liaise directly with the sales agents on your behalf to help remove the emotion from the deal and avoid you feeling blind-sided or pressured by professional sales strategies.


We help structure the offer - what to say and when to say it - and uncover arrangements that could prove valuable to the other party to get you the best possible price and outcome.

“There is no way I could have handled this on my own. Their advice literally saved me about $50K. I can't recommend them highly enough."                                                                  Raj C.

Why Choose Us?

At My Property Negotiator, we understand what’s at stake when buying property.

Miss out on that dream home or that once-in-a-lifetime investment and there are no prizes for second place.

Losing a deal means a lot of pain, heartache and regret, not to mention the fact that you now have to start the whole process again, searching and inspecting each weekend until the right one comes along.

That’s why we believe you should leave nothing to chance.

At My Property Negotiator, our sole purpose it is to guide you through the buying process as effortlessly as possible, to uncover advantages for you that even you weren’t aware of, and to come out the other side with the keys to your new property in our hands.

We exist to eliminate the stress, the worry and the frustration that is normally attached to the buying process and to empower you to move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams.

After all, life’s too short to spend your weekends at more open for inspections.

Our negotiators have featured in...



100 Harris St.

Pyrmont NSW 2009


401 Collins St.

Melbourne VIC 3000


140 Creek St. 

Brisbane QLD 4000


217-219 Flinders St.

Adelaide SA 5000


191 Saint Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

My Property Negotiator is a product of BuySide, an independent buyer's agency specialising in the purchase of residential property in Australia on behalf of property buyers.

You can read more about BuySide Buyers Agency here.

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